Advantages of tapered slot antenna

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A Method of Moments (MoM) model for the analysis of the Linearly Tapered Slot Antenna (LTSA) is developed and implemented. The model employs an unequal size rectangular sectioning for conducting parts of the antenna. Piecewise sinusoidal basis functions are used for the expansion of conductor current. The effect of the dielectric

Modification of Vivaldi Tapered Slot Antenna with Square ... The Vivaldi is kind of tapered slot antenna. It is exponential tapered slot. It consist of ground plane, dielectric substrate, microstrip transmission line as feed, taper curve design. The material used for ground plane having dielectric constant of 3.38 for conventional Vivaldi antenna .The Thickness of the substrate is 60 milli inch. Wideband Bow-Tie Slot Antennas with Tapered Tuning Stubs conventional bow-tie slot antenna in (a), the conventional bow-tie slot with metal stub [12] in (b) and the modified Bow-tie slot with tapered metal stubs in (c). The parameters of the proposed geometry are shown in Fig. 2 through 3D and x-y plane views, where W1 and L1 represent the outer width and height

A multi-band phased array antenna for radiating low frequency band signals and high frequency band signals. The multiband phased array antenna is formed from unit cells having waveguides for radiating high frequency band signals and end …

In [16, 17], two types of tapered slot antenna (TSA) including dual exponential TSA ..... Important advantages of the proposed transition are its simple design, low ... Modeling, Simulation, and Measurement of Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi balanced antipodal Vivaldi, tapered slot, FLGPR, antenna design and simulation, UWB antennas. 16. ..... The advantage of the BAV versus other tapered slot.

This type of antenna has been applied to satellite communications, remote sensing, and radio telescope. The advantages of endfire tapered slot antennas ...

Tapered Slot Antenna (Vivaldi- Antenna) The feeding of the antenna is on the narrow side slot. The opposite side to the beam direction is short-circuited by a λ/ 4-stub. To increase the bandwidth of the antenna, this stub may be designed to be circular with a diameter of … High gain dielectric loaded exponentially tapered slot Dielectric loaded exponentially tapered slot antenna design. Compared with antenna without dielectric loading, the gain of the elliptically dielectric loaded antenna is increased by 3.0 dB, S11 parameter has decreased by −0.16 dB and main lobe direction is increased by 4° with less side lobe level.

Design of a Taper Slot Low Profile Vivaldi Antenna for ...

A Broadband and High Gain Tapered Slot Antenna for W-Band ... Oct 5, 2014 ... A broadband and high gain tapered slot antenna (TSA) by utilizing a ... It exhibits many advantages such as broad bandwidth, high gain, ... CHAPTER 3 DESIGN AND MODELING OF ... - Shodhganga